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How to Not with Kaitlyn Alexander & Rob Moden

Dec 19, 2017

Time to get in the holiday spirit the only way we as responsible humans can: spoiling our 2 to 5 stuffed animals with gifts and more attention than we give our friends or family.

Learn all about jingle bells, friendship tokens, gift math, teddy bear class systems, shedding the doi this holiday season, best friends Steve...

Dec 11, 2017

Science does and does not exist. 'Psi balls' are a known thing you can totally drop into casual conversation. You are part human, part spoon.

Enter the fantastical galaxy of another WikiHow article.

Learn all about Mine-Mime Binks, Schrödinger's science, Matilda mind hands, swole mind muscles, plate-spinning honor...

Dec 5, 2017

Kaitlyn has a fever, and the only prescription, is talking about demons method acting.

Learn all about demonic fevers, falling from trees, Big Mouth, puberty, second Breakfast, concertgoing etiquette, Time Lords, Sunnydale, self-examination, chicken vs egg, the California census, book burnings, daring to dream, Biggest...

Nov 20, 2017

Want to get out of school or work? Kaitlyn and Rob read WikiHow's instructions that'll at best force you to have a "fun" day refusing to do anything, and at worst ruin your life.

Learn all about: tum-tums, Mondays, Napoleon Dynamite, lazy flu, fancy bread telephones, Broadway side hustles, off-brand Jim Halpert, kids...

Nov 11, 2017

Learn all about: frigid wastelands, randomology, Pokémon towns, hooker's green, wandom words, rarr, Jake Paul, Party City, St. Louis, party conversation, zeppelins, Sharon, toe tags, breakability, Waldo

Today's WikiHow article: 3 Ways to Be Random

How to Not is a comedy podcast where Kaitlyn Alexander and Rob Moden...